Health & Safety Coaching

We work with your management and safety teams to ensure they are effective in what they do and they understand the risks they are facing. We offer services across your projects and business – from one on one coaching for leaders and managers to working with teams of people.  Mentoring is a speciality, helping groups and individuals to understand hazard observation and intervention technics and application.


Health & Safety Solutions

We can develop and implement an improvement plan or project within your Business or we will support and enhance ongoing work or projects.  Within any Project or construction activity, effective planning and preparation will enable work to be completed right, first time, and every time and deliver the desired health and safety outcomes.

Workforce Improvement

We use our experience and knowledge across the whole of any project we are involved with.  From office to site; from the top of the scaffold to the deepest excavation, we get close to the people involved to understand how work is managed; how your systems interface with your workforce; how supervisors fulfil their tasks and where they need support. We focus on improving communication between workforce, management and directors to focus on improvements and delivering world class health and safety performance.

ISO Standard Audits

Health and safety improvement planning is supported by ISO 18001 and BSI 7121 Lifting operations audits. In situations where processes are established we offer less formal reviews that identify weaknesses in behaviour or execution.  From February 2018 ISO 45001 will be published.  We will be one of the first qualified audit teams worldwide, and we can help you establish your systems to follow the new standard. We are accredited to deliver training in health and safety and through our associate network we can access competence assessments and NVQ’s.

Performance Evaluation

We believe that our experience enables us to carry out effective evaluations of our organisation in terms of performance and competence.  We can advise you on ensuring that you have the right people with the right skills, knowledge, experience and attitudes to deliver excellence in health and safety.  We will advise you on those who will gain new skills, experience and knowledge and benefit from our coaching and mentoring from initial sales phase through project mobilisation and into field execution.

Office to Site Support

We recognise that health and safety issues at site level are influenced by decisions made throughout the project lifecycle and from the top to bottom of any organisation. We look at office health and safety from evacuation fire exercise, health and welfare concerns and issues.  We are well equipped to assess the suitability of the management and administration arrangements associated with works including logistics and transportation plans, equipment inspections and record keeping through to planning and monitoring arrangements.

Let us steer you on a voyage to a safe and healthier business.

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